Mercedes-Benz has one of the most diverse lineups of vehicles in the entire automotive market. They make sports cars, family SUVs, sedans and luxury cruisers. Here at Mercedes-Benz of Winston Salem, we can get you whatever Mercedes model you are looking for. We also have a great selection of used Mercedes models if you want to get a Benz on a budget.

Mercedes breaks down their vehicles into classes. The A-Class is the smallest car that Mercedes makes, and it can only be had as a sedan. The CLA is slightly larger than the A-class and it comes as a four-door coupe. The C-class is one of the most versatile vehicles in Mercedes' lineup as it can be had as a coupe, a convertible, and a sedan. The E-Class is a mid-size car and it can also be had as a coupe, a convertible, a wagon, and a sedan. The CLS Coupe is another four-door coupe that will provide you with a sporty ride. The S-Class is Mercedes' flagship luxury cruiser. It is made to easily traverse the highways of Clemmons. Mercedes also has sporty models like the SLC roadster and the SL roadster. If you want even more performance you can step up the AMG-GT, which can be had as a roaster, a coupe, or a four-door coupe. These are fantastic models for those living in Lexington and Wilkesboro.

Mercedes-Benz also makes an extensive lineup of SUVs that are perfect for taking your family around Salisbury NC and Mount Airy NC. The SUVs start with the GLA compact crossover. Then you work your way up to the GLB and GLC small crossovers. The GLE is the midsize SUV of the Benz lineup. The GLC and GLE can both be had in coupe trims. The GLS is the ultra-luxury SUV that has room for all of your passengers. The final SUV in Mercedes' lineup is the G-Class. The G-Class is an ultra-rugged off roader that can go just about anywhere you want it to go.

We know that Mercedes offers a lot of different models. You can stop by our showroom and our team can help you narrow down your search. After they help you find the new or used Mercedes that is best for you, they can get you behind the wheel for a test drive.
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