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Almost any vehicle owner can take an active part in the care of their vehicle, even if it’s just by keeping it neat and tidy. Maintaining its appearance and condition will give you excellent service while you own your vehicle as well as ensuring a higher asking price when the time comes to sell it.

Simply washing your car regularly can keep its exterior in good condition as you wax it to protect the finish and apply touch-up paint to any chips or scratches. This kind of attention to detail can also keep you aware of your vehicle’s state so you have early clues when something goes wrong. Tune-ups, alignments, oil changes, brake pad replacements, tire rotations, and state inspections are all a vital part of keeping your vehicle on the road and driving safely.

As your vehicle ages, you’ll want to plan for more long-term services, like a change of the timing belt at 50,000 miles. At around the same time, replacing the fluids in your coolant system, transmission, transfer case, and brake system and inspection of your shocks and struts is also recommended.

A change of seasons in Mounty Airy and Lexington requires a check of your battery to make sure it’s up to the task of starting your engine in cold temperatures or holding up under conditions of high heat if it’s a few years old. You can also change your tires for a set with the appropriate tread for grip on hot or snowy roads.

Our mechanics are trained in all aspects of Mercedes-Benz care and specialize in the kinds of maintenance you need most. When you bring your vehicle to the dealership for service, you’re assured of getting manufacturer recommended parts and additives for your engine. We’ll bring our expertise to every aspect of your vehicle’s maintenance as quickly as we can so you can get back behind the wheel as soon as possible. Schedule your appointment today! We are just around the corner from Clemmons and Wilkesboro.

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