Why Buy Pre-Owned?

We proudly provide a plethora of new Mercedes-Benz vehicles here at Mercedes-Benz Winston-Salem. However, while our new models are impressive, they aren't for everyone. Some people prefer to drive a Mercedes-Benz that has already been broken in, one that already has some road experience of its own, and for them we offer our selection of pre-owned Mercedes-Benz models. No matter what kind of Mercedes-Benz you prefer to drive, we're sure we have it here on our lot.

Value depreciation is a fact of auto ownership, but it doesn't occur at a constant rate. A new vehicle loses 20% of its value over the first year of ownership. Once that year is over, the depreciation becomes much more gradual. There is no way to prevent that first year of depreciation, but there is a way to make it work to your advantage. Buying a pre-owned Mercedes-Benz means that some other driver dealt with the initial depreciation. Best of all, thanks to expert Mercedes-Benz auto engineering, a year is practically nothing. A year-old Mercedes-Benz model is still a perfectly capable vehicle, packing the luxury, capability, and style that we all know and love. Pre-owned Mercedes-Benz models get you more bang for your buck, and if you ever decide to sell later on, they make it easier for you to recoup more of your original investment.

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