The past year has seen many of us driving our vehicles a little less than usual, to say the least. But just because your high-quality, luxurious Mercedes-Benz vehicle is sitting around in your Mount Airy or Lexington garage a little more than normal lately doesn't mean you should skimp on routine maintenance and essential service. Your world-class vehicle needs service as much as ever these days, and the Mercedes-Benz of Winston-Salem team can help.

When you actively drive your vehicle around in the Wilkesboro and Salisbury area, you put miles on it, pick up dirt from the roads that can gunk up your oil and your engine, and more. This is when routine maintenance, such as oil changes every few thousand miles, become a necessity. But what if you're not driving as much? Why would you still need routine care in that situation?

The answer is easy, actually. When your car is sitting idly by waiting for your next adventure, the oil and other fluids have a chance to settle. This can cause them to go stale, and it means they won't do their job and lubricate the essential parts of your engine as they're supposed to.

Elsewhere, the seals on your air conditioner could dry out, and driving around in summertime heat in the Salisbury or Clemmons area without a properly functioning air conditioner can be brutal.

For these reasons and more, we suggest scheduling an appointment with the Mercedes-Benz of Winston-Salem service center soon, regardless of how many miles you've actually racked up this year.

Our professional, courteous, trained and certified team can explain all the routine and necessary services your vehicle needs to run great and last you a long time. We look forward to working with you and providing the impeccable service and care you deserve soon.

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