Mercedes-Benz is one of the most prominent luxury automotive manufactures on the market, as they make some of the finest and highest quality vehicles available. They have worked tirelessly to create a diverse lineup of vehicles that all excel in different situations. Our team at Mercedes-Benz of Winston Salem can help you sort through our inventory of Mercedes-Benz vehicles to find the one that best fits your exact needs.

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SUVs are quickly becoming the most prominent and popular vehicles on the road, and to account for this, Mercedes-Benz has tried to make an SUV accommodating every type of driver. The GLA is the subcompact crossover of Mercedes-Benz lineup, and it is a great option if you are looking for a fun daily driver. It has plenty of power to get around Winston-Salem, and it has all the amenities you expect to find in a Mercedes-Benz. It can even be had as an AMG® vehicle if you are looking for something a bit more fun to drive around Clemmons in. The GLB is slightly larger than the GLA, and it features rugged design language and a bigger focus on practicality. It is a great option if you are looking for a small luxurious daily driver that you could take on some mild adventures.

The GLC is one of Mercedes-Benz most popular SUVs due to its inherent flexibility. It can be had as a more practical and traditional SUV, or it can be had with a coupe design that is a bit sportier and more modern. Both GLC body styles can be had with AMG® variants. The GLE can also be had with two body styles, like the GLC, but it is a larger vehicle overall. The GLE is a great size if you have a small family, or if you plan on hauling your friends around town.

The GLS is the clear family-oriented SUV of Mercedes-Benz lineup. It has tons of room, and it is incredibly practical. Mercedes-Benz has done everything they could to make the GLS as comfortable and easy to use as possible. This makes it an ideal vehicle for taking on trips across Salisbury, NC. The most iconic SUV in Mercedes-Benz lineup is the G-Class. The G-Class has been around for decades, and it has always been Mercedes-Benz most capable vehicle. It can take on nearly any terrain, and it is made of incredibly durable vehicles. It has a modern rugged aesthetic that is instantly recognizable, and people often associate it with tough military-style vehicles.


Mercedes-Benz built its automotive empire on its incredible lineup of sedans, and they continue to impress. The A-Class is one of Mercedes-Benz newest vehicles, and it serves as their subcompact city car. It gets great gas mileage while still being a thrill to drive and having the sleek styling that Mercedes-Benz is known for. The C-Class has been around for generations. It has served as the working man's luxury sedan that many have aspired to obtain. The E-Class is also a classic Mercedes-Benz model, and it serves as the standard size sedan of the lineup. The E-Class is known for its flexibility and ease of optimization. It is one of the few vehicles that you can get as a wagon, which ups its practicality and helps it stand out from other luxury sedans.

The final sedan in Mercedes-Benz lineup is the legendary S-Class. The S-Class has served as Mercedes-Benz flagship vehicle for generations, and it has been the benchmark for truly great luxury cruises during this time. The S-Class exudes the presence of class, wealth, sophistication, and elegance. The S-Class has a timeless design and all of the most advanced features available on the market. The s-Class is typically the first vehicle in Mercedes-Benz lineup to get all of their latest and greatest gadgets. The Mercedes-Benz Maybach is the only vehicle that they create that sits above the S-Class. It is an ultra-luxury sedan that can be customized in countless different ways. The Maybach features a longer wheelbase than the S-Class, a more insulated interior, and bespoke options that cater to the future owner's needs.

Coupes and Convertibles

Coupes are traditionally two-door vehicles with a sportier design than their sedan counterparts, but in recent years Mercedes-Benz has popularized the idea of four-door coupes. One such example of their lineup of four-door coupes is the CLA. The CLA is a stylish city subcompact car with all the features and amenities you want in a daily driver. It features great tech, and it can be had in AMG® variants if you are looking for more power when you push the pedal. The C-Class and E-Class can both be had as a coupe or a convertible if a sedan is not your speed. These variants of the C-Class and E-Class can be had with many of the same features, but they trade practicality for a sleeker look. The SLC is Mercedes-Benz compact hardtop roadster. It is a nimble sports car with a great powertrain and all the luxurious features you need to cruise across Mount Airy, NC in.

The CLS is Mercedes-Benz original four-door coupe, and it did a great job of popularizing the concept. It has been modernized and updated with all of Mercedes-Benz latest tech and design language. The S-class is another vehicle that can be had as a coupe and a convertible if you are looking for something other than a sedan. The Coupe focuses on being sportier than the sedan, while the convertible focuses on being a touring vehicle. The SL is an iconic roadster that has been a part of Mercedes-Benz lineup for decades. It is one of the only hardtop roadsters available on the market, and it is more focused on luxury and comfort than its smaller protege. The AMG® GT is the final vehicle in Mercedes-Benz lineup, and it is their most flexible sports car. It can be had as a four-door coupe, a standard coupe, or as a roadster. The AMG® GT has all of the performance you could want while proving you with a classically inspired design that harkens back to traditional Mercedes-Benz sports cars. It is an incredibly well-balanced vehicle, and it can put down some seriously impressive lap times.

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